Dungeons & Dragons is one of the greatest avenues for storytelling in the world and the D&D community is filled with awesome people who are doing awesome things by merging their love for this game with their other talents and passions. Those are the people I want to talk to and those are the stories I want to share.

Each week I will be bringing you a new interview with a kickass creative in the D&D community. We'll talk about their games, their characters, their passions, and most of all we'll talk about the awesome things they have going on in their space that they want to share with their fellow players.


My name is Andrew Strother and I'm some sort of weird hybrid jock-nerd who grew up playing sports but was also a theater geek and fantasy novel enthusiast. On any given weekend I could be cheering for the Astros or cosplaying as The Doctor; it's really a toss-up as to which.

I started this show because I love D&D and I love people and I love talking to people about D&D. It really wasn't too much of a leap so now here we are!

2020 Roll for Persuasion